Aruba 3000 Series Mobility Controllers

/ 11 5 月, 2018/ Product-Wireless

Aruba MMC-3000 Multi-Service Mobility Controller Series The Aruba MMC-3000 Multi-Service Mobility Controller series is a family of three fully-featured controllers able to aggregate up to 32, 64 and 128 campus-connected access points (APs) respectively.

The MMC-3000 series provides a truly usercentric network experience, delivering follow-me connectivity, identity-based access, and application continuity services. The MMC-3200 is designed for the small/branch offices, while the MMC-3400 and MMC-3600 are designed for medium/large enterprise or dense office deployments. The MMC-3000 series can be easily deployed as an overlay without any disruption to the existing wired network. Advanced voice-over-WLAN features such as Call Admission Control (CAC), voice-aware RF management and strict over-the-air QoS allow the MMC-3000 series to deliver mobile VoIP capabilities. The MMC-3000 series is managed via ArubaOS or the Aruba Mobility Management System.

Additionally, the MMC-3000 series can be deployed as a user-centric security gateway to authenticate wired and wireless users, enforce role-based access control policies and quarantine unsafe endpoints from accessing the corporate network. Guest users can be easily and safely supported with the built-in captive portal server and advanced network services. The MMC-3000 series can create a secure networking environment without requiring additional VPN/ firewall devices using integrated site-to-site VPN and NAT capabilities, split-tunneling and stateful firewall. Site-to-site VPN support can be integrated with all leading VPN concentrators to provide seamless integration into existing corporate VPNs.



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